16.06.2011 15:33

We have father for our first litters and husband for Ella!!!!!!!

His familiar name is Jerry, oficial name Anatina Webmaster. He comes from famous slovenia kennel ANATINA. His family is consists of Darja, Nika and Miran Vidic. All of them are very friendly and nice people. He is always handled by Darja (and Nika for once). We met them at the shows in Senec and Nitra in June 2011.

Jerry and Ella ( Mrs. Marcela Knápková- the breeder of Ella in the middle)

Jerry is very friendly and clever boy. He isn´t such type of a boy which doesn´t like other boys runnig around. Thanks his behaviour  can be hold free at the shows or in other  public places. And everybody can admire him....simply GREAT(!)

His body and bones are strong, coat is very fine and white. His head is also strong, masculine and smiling, of course(!) I love his strong head with perfect pigmentation.

Specific sign: he is interested in "wiener schnitzel" and girls a lot...


more info and photo of Jerry here




MATYELLA samoyeds


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PF 2017 from MATYELLA´s

Ellis Ella Of Zolo Orleansnow

03.11.2010 15:27

Výsledky výstav/Show results

Club show Celje, Slovenia, 1.10.2010 judge: Andrej Kočar, Slovenia results for Ellis Ella of Zolo Orleansnow:  Excellent 3 photos on this link: https://ellisella.rajce.idnes.cz/Celje_Slovinsko/   Specialty club show Tři Studně, Czech republic, 16.10.2010 judge: Franz Zimmerman results for...

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